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      AvatarDavid Monreal

      Hey everyone, I want to start preparing for the CSCS Exam and I’m looking for all the help I can get. Book Titles, research options everything will help. Thanks

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      AvatarHarry Palmer

      I passed my CSCS in early 2006 and purchased the study materials directly from the NSCA. I finished my BS in Exercise Science that spring.  Honestly, I think what I was taught in class had little to do with me passing.  If I remember correctly, everything you will be tested on comes from the NSCA’s resources.  I read the entire textbook with highlighter and notepad in hand.  I had to tape the book back together by the end.  Listened to all the materials and read everything else in the package.  It was a tough
      test, but definitely doable.  This is pretty much the package I bought. 


      It was much cheaper 7 years ago!   

      Good luck!

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