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      Bob KahanBob Kahan


      My right knee started aggravating me when doing various weightlifting movements, so the next step for me was to go to the doctor and they brought to my attention that I had a bipartite patella.  I started doing PT work 3x a week to hopefully strengthen my hips & glutes and while training now I don’t have as much pain.  Though, whenever I sit for prolonged times (20 min+) then my knee where the bipartite’s located starts aggravating me.  I have heard of various surgeries to take out the fragment and have read that this can be a positive.  Any suggestions?
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      Are in an organized sitting position?
      You have less tolerance for less than optimal positioning because of the bipartite patella.
      What is your leg positioning when sitting?

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      Bob KahanBob Kahan


      I would say that i am in an organized sitting position: feet on the floor, knees at 90 degrees, hips under the rest of my body and sitting in an upright position.  If I prop my leg up to be straight then it isn’t that noticeable, though I don’t always have that luxury.
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