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      AvatarCecilia Yee

        I think it’s an overall system thing, but as I work on my shoulder, tspine and neck for my rounded posture I’m feeling tightness in my biceps. I have a lot of work to do to fix my posture and i feel this could be a window into my dysfunction.

        Anyone with experience here?
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        AvatarPatrick Thomas

          Yes, there are multiple aspects to correcting rounded shoulder position.
          Start chipping away at it.
          Start with these episodes which target these areas
          Bubo Barbell Pec/Psoas Smash Quicky or What to Do With Those Bent Barbells
          Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 – Pec, Neck & Shoulder
          Saturday December 31, 2016- Biceps

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          AvatarCecilia Yee

            Thanks! I’ll give these a try.

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            AvatarCosta Panagos

              Hi, was planning on running hgh, like jintropin for at least 9 months may be a year. but have a
              bit of a bicep tendon injury! was looking to no will hgh help or would i
              be better to get it sorted. finished last cycle last week as i couldn’t
              train properly an was wasting my time and money while i wasn’t fit to

              Any advice?

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              AvatarPatrick Thomas

                I recommend getting it checked out.
                That will give you direction for a treatment plan and get the situation resolved.

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