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      AvatarJulie Ditzend

      any advice on how to treat my bicep tendonitis?  i have had it for 3 months and its not getting better.  it only hurts when i grab the  bar for a back squat.  its mlld but there.  

      Im seeing a therapist and getting ultra sound and deep tissue massage
      but its doesnt seem to be helping much
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      Have you determined what caused the tendonitis?
      You need to correct the deviations from the correct technique in the skill(s) which caused the issue.
      If the cause is not addressed the situation will continue to occur.
      Ultra sound and deep tissue massage address the symptoms, but not the cause.

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      AvatarJulie Ditzend

      I do not
      know what caused the tendonitis.  My best case guess: either catching
      cleans too low (not in the rack) with heavy weight and pushing it back up on my
      shoulders or back squatting (not having good shoulder position when I have the
      bar on my back), Since I do believe I have very good shoulder
      mobility in general( My Front rack is good, my arms go above my head well,
      etc…), I don’t think it was caused by bad positions or imbalances (but I
      could be wrong!)

      I can only
      guess that these are the cause because putting the bar on my back causes the
      most pain.  Pain can also be caused when I press weight overhead or
      raise my arm laterally.


      In regards
      to addressing the situation, I have not back squatted, C&J, or lifted any
      weight overhead.  I have abstained from all activities that involve upper
      body pressing/pulling/lifting and cant seem to relieve the symptoms.  The
      training I do is, squat with a safety squat bar (which requires no arm
      engagement, run, and walk.  So I am not sure what you mean by address the
      situation since I am no longer doing the movement (because I don’t
      want to make the situation worse)


      I do
      lacrosse ball (LB) my thoracic spine and chest in effort to get slack in the
      system and this helps but very little.  My tissues in my chest are
      somewhat sore (when I LB them) and it feels awesome when I LB the thoracic
      spine but the tissues are not super sore as I can take a lot of press in
      the entire area.

      does any of
      this make sense??


      I do however
      have had a tight/sore neck that is gets great relieve form MOB but it isn’t

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      AvatarKatherine Amos

      ok, I have been through this very recently. I use a safety squat bar to squat, but that will not address the cause. The sore neck I had was from week rotators. LOTS of band stretches to strengthen that area, plus the last few mobs of smashing that K-star did at the nationals helped a ton. And the 5 corner stretch:

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      AvatarSyd McGee

      I had the same issue. voodoo flossing the elbow would help temporarily, but it took me ages to find a permanent solution. it turned out to be shoulder internal rotation. this was the mob that fixed it:

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      Sounds like the restriction is at the elbow.
      What are you doing to address the situation meaning what are you doing to improve the situation.
      Yes you use a lacrosse ball on your tspine, but if you are not seeing improvements this may not be where you need to be hitting. Have you used any other techniques for the t spine?
      Clear the T-Spine, Now We Can Start Talking Shoulders

      Episode 310: Load Ordering the Chesticles, Dipping and Pressing Part 1
      Episode 310: Load Ordering the Chesticles, Dipping and Pressing Part 2
      Episode 44: Global Dehydration and Stiffness, Pecs, Tri’s and Internal Rotation

      Using a plate or super friend can increase the amount of pressure.

      For the neck
      Soft Tissue of the Neck
      Jill Miller and Your Dys-Supple Neck
      Seriously. Do This Yesterday. One of My All Time Shoulder Fixes
      Episode 52: Up Against the Wall, Snatch Prep and Nerve Gliding Too!

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