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      AvatarGordon Denney

      I returned from the orthopedic doctor today to get my shoulder checked out because of pain in the front of my shoulder while preforming dips and push ups and similar movements.    He took X-Rays and then use the ultra sound device to ultimately determine that what causing my pain was a Bicep Tendon Strain.  Also found that I have a small AC joint. His treatment plan was at home (aka self) physical therapy after visiting a local office to be educated, then a check up if the pain persist after a month on Oct 1st.  

      In the mean time before my visit, I would appreciate any tips and/or suggestions from those with a similar injury or those with experience on the topic 
      When the pain alleviates I plan on working from the basics with from the ground up using the supple leopard as a guide to correct the motor control faults that caused the problem in the first place. 
      Thank you in advance for your time 
      ~Kyle B.  
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