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      Unfortunately I am one of those people who seems to have been built inflexibily. But it is something that i’m putting a lot of work into trying to correct. But one of the things that I’ve noticed with myself and others is the inability to lock out a straight arm with the bar overhead. This is something that happens both with an empty PVC as well as 60kg above my head so is not due to the weight.

      What I find is that when i start to descend no matter how much i try my shoulders start to internally rotate, and I think this is the cause, but i’m not sure what is actually causing this rotation in the first place.

      It is a little hard to explain but when you go through the many pictures of lifters you see them all with straight arms in the receiving position and when you see some crossfitters although they are locked out their arms look bent.

      any thoughts from anyone on this?

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      If you lay on the floor on your back can you put your arms in an OHS position with straight arms?
      Arms touching the floor.
      Have you looked down stream at the elbow?
      What Your Bent Elbows Really Mean: Elbow Pain and Instability
      Episode 316: Tricky Elbow Fixes

      Stiff upper back?
      Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

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