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      I recently bought the book and Joined the Mobility wod membership scheme.
      My question is regarding to my spine, I seem to have a mixture of problems depicted by the 2 pictures of Kelly in the 2 fault positions in red boxes on  page 27 in the “becoming a supple leopard” book.
      I can say that I definitely have  both over-extension lumbar spinal fault(around where thoracic meets lumber) and flexion spinal fault From around T2-T6 upwards.
      I keep having to go to a physiotherapist to align my thoracic spine as certain vertebrae keep sheering forward or torsioning /twisting
      I used to do weight lifting and spots which probably contributed to the over-extension lumber fault and then a switched to a desk bound profession where I spend up to 19 hours at a desk.
      I could be wrong about the self diagnostic but I’m confused on how to end this damn problem once an for all that has been plaguing me for years.
      any suggestions?
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      You need to keep seeing the physiotherapist because they are addressing the symptom not the cause of the issue. You need to change your positioning to get at the cause of the bad positioning.
      Once you set the position you need to take maintain the positioning when moving.
      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1: How to Stand
      You need to be more aware of your pelvis positioning so you are not over extended.

      Sounds like you need to take a look at your sitting positioning
      Episode 351: The One Joint Rule

      Episode 251: High Skilled Sitting/Abdominal Bracing

      Episode 187: Death by Chair. How Much Do Actually Sit?

      T Spine
      There are several episodes if you do a search.
      Here are a couple to start with
      Basic T-Spine Mobilization
      T-Spine Smash – Double Lacrosse Ball
      T-Spine Plate Smash
      T-Spine Overhead Barbell Smash
      T-Spine Internal Rotation Smash

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      Hi THanks for the Info I look forward to trying and ending this nightmare, My Wife and I recently had a baby who is now just turned 4 weeks old, I put my back out lifting here and trying to get her to sleep (she screems unless i lift her up and down rythmicly which as luck would happen is the worst thing I can do for my condition)

      I could not even move out of bed this whole day as any movement even moving my arms would feel like being stabbed in my thoracic spine :S  I think this is not just misaligned posterity but also laterally or twisted/ rotated.  I have got so used to the pain and the types of treatments from my physio that I can tell when its sheered forward or torsioned/twisted  or both…. last 3 days I have both :S
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