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      I’ve been “fortunate” to have 4 operations on one shoulder and 2 on the other in the last 5 years or so.  The last one was torn bicep tendon on the right side in 5/14.  The hardest one to recover from has been a torn rotator cuff that was repaired 12/13. 

      I am cleared by my doctor and PT for full activity.  I’ve been doing a bunch of rehab type exerices daily as well as some strength work every couple days.  My gym recently got some battlng ropes and I was looking for thoughts on use of these post supervised shoulder rehab?

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      Have you noticed any limitations in your rom?
      Any movements or movement patterns bother it?
      You can use them.
      Do they have crossover symmetry?
      Go through the range of motion and see how it feels progress from there.

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      AvatarMichael Harker

      Ropes are great for shoulders if you have full function, but the high speed dynamic movements could cause reinjury if you progress too fast. Some of that depends on how heavy the ropes are and what exercises you do. Start with a light one if you can. Just ease into it and see how you do.

      That said, for shoulder health it’s hard to beat the Turkish Get Up. You can start light and the movements are slow and fluid. Because you have to stabilize the bell in a lot of shoulder positions, it will really get your rotator cuff muscles working.

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      Thanks for the suggestions.  The gym does not have Crossover Symmetry.  They do have a number of bands and places to attach them.  I do have a pretty significant range of motion issue with the left side especially.  I’ve had almost 35 years of an office job (lot of computer work) and my thoracic spine mobility isn’t real great. 

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