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      Here’s my observation: it seems like for a lot of banded mobs that put band force in one direction, there are corresponding banded mobs that put band force in the exact opposite direction.  For example, the mulligan technique – the band is puling the back of the ankle forward.  This is supposed to be good for ankle mobility.  I have seen other videos on this website that show banded force on the front of the ankle pulling backwards.  These are also supposed to improve ankle mobility.  I have seen the same thing for hip mobility in the Becoming a Supple Leopard book.  Why would putting band force in both directions be helpful?  It seems kind of counter-intuitive.  Like: you are trying to move the joint to a certain part of the joint capsule to improve mobility, but then there’s another mob that pushes the joint to a different part of the joint capsule and that’s supposed to help to.  Can anyone comment on this?

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      Tony, great question. The theory behind putting the band in both directions is to work on both physiology and accessory movement. The physiologic movement is the true movement you see at the joint, i.e. shoulder flexion, hip extension etc. Accessory movements are what we call roll, glide and spin. They happen at the joint involuntarily. It’s important to try and work on both aspects of the overall joint biomechanics if they are restricted. I hope this helps.

      Danny Matta
      MWOD Coach
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