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      AvatarMike Lander

      Hello fellow Leopards,

      I am wondering if there are any potential risks faced by people suffering from varicose veins / people in general  in regards to banded distractions, considering that the blood flow is hindered by the bands.

      Love the tool and it’s a no-brainer when considering improving one’s mobility but like to be on the safe side of things.

      Keep up the good work!

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      Mirko, are you talking about voodoo floss or just banded distractions? 

      Regarding the former, wrapping with 50 percent tension you don’t mess up circulation. And once you remove the floss, the blood flow to that area will actually be increased, promoting healing/recovery.
      Banded distractions are perfectly safe if: 
      1) you only go far enough to put the muscles under tension
      2) you stop if you feel like something is going to tear (K-Star’s rule: if it feels sketchy it is sketchy)
      3) you avoid distracting joints which are hyper mobile
      Other than that, distract and floss away!
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      AvatarMike Lander

      Hi Philip,

      Thank you for your answer. My question was directed at banded distractions. From my perspective, your answer doesn’t focus on my question, but generally things to think about when distracting and I completely agree on the things you say. 
      Let me be more clear. When performing the hip distraction the femoral veins swells up due to the stop of the bloodflow experienced because of the pressure of the band. Additionally, I have varicose veins and I am wondering how this pressure sustained during these exercises affects the veins in general?!
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      Mirko, I don’t believe you will do any damage to the veins, but you could ask Dr. Travis Jewett via twitter at https://twitter.com/drjewett as my opinions only come from the MobilityWOD system and he is an orthopedic medicine professional. 

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      AvatarMike Lander

      Thanks, Philip.

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      AvatarMike Lander

      Response from Dr. Jewett:

      for the question Miran, hope I can provide a good answer.

      distraction is a wonderful tool to loosen up the capsule of the joint,
      especially the hips and shoulders. I am not a vascular expert but I would say
      if you are not comfortable using the band in the hip due to discomfort or fear
      of congesting the femoral artery then leave the band off. You can still get
      good results without the band. I can not say one way or the other if it is safe
      or not, but what I do know is if the person isn’t comfortable or has a little
      bit of doubt in them while they do it, their nervous system won’t relax enough
      for it to be effective.”

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      Very interesting, Mirko. I’m glad Dr. Jewett was able to help. 

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      AvatarRandy Campbell

      BD has been working great for me. If I feel any discomfort or “pulsing” in my upper leg I make sure the band is flat and back off tension. As a result no more hip femoral acetabelum impingement during pigeon pose or piriformis stretch.

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