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      Hey there!

      I just got myself the book (which I love), balls and a green jumpstretch band. So I´m about to get serious with that stuff 😉

      My question is: I don´t have a pole or something similar at home, so I´m basically just wrapping my band around the door knob. Any suggestions how to better deal with that?

      Does the band need to be in alignment with the involved body part or can there be discrepancy in heigth (which occurs e.g. when I use the door knob and I´m kneeling for the hip flexor mob).

      Any help is appreciated!

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      Another way to anchor a band is shown here
      Episode 324: Niger/Mobilizing In Hot, Dry, Sketchy Locales/Programming # 3
      If you have access to a swing set you could use that.
      Band on the monkey bars for shoulder/upper body stuff.
      Band on a base support for hip/leg.

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