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      AvatarNicholas Kyle

      Hi MWod’s,

      I was wondering if any of you have ever purchased the “Back to the Barbell” series featured in the courses section.  I have been following MWOD and reading supple leopard a little over 5 months now and suffer from chronic lower back pain with a herniation in t12-l1 and stenosis in l4-l5.  Shots didn’t do much and as much as I enjoy/get relief from Kelly’s Mobility/tissue work, I still suffer and need to follow a plan.  Have not seen too much progress in PT right now so was wondering if anyone has ever used this program as it is $99.  Thanks and hope to hear back from you all.
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      AvatarKyle Hollinger

      I think it is brand new.  At least I’ve just seen it pop up very recently so doubt many or any have really used it.  It takes you through for 6 weeks some exercises/workout + what mobility you should be doing.

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      AvatarNicholas Kyle

      Thanks Matt, will respond back if I decide to purchase!

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great that you have Becoming  A Supple Leopard and been following MIWOD for several months.
      If you have acute pain seeing a practitioner or health professional is a place to start.
      This could involve seeing a new practitioner/health care professional.

      Following a program is key in regaining strength and mobility while resolving pain.
      Back to the Barbell helps bridge the gap between rehab and training.

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