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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      a few weeks ago i landed funny when diving to the side for a volly ball and felt a small tweak in my knee. more specifically, its the far back right side, of my right knee. Its on the back side so not sure if its the knee or the tip top of the calf? the pain stuck around for about a week and i could rub it out with my thump/lax ball. its been gone now for about 2 weeks and i feel no pain when doing any of my workouts. until yesterday, when i get into the bottom of a pistol squat, i feel the same pain. still don’t feel it when doing anything else and i cant even find a sore spot with lax ball anymore. but in the bottom of the pistol its almost the same pain i felt when i first tweaked it?

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      This can show that it is healing, but not completely healed yet. Keep working with what you were doing to see the improvements that have come with it.

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      AvatarRyan Kerner

      Are you bending your right knee for the pistol? If so maybe voodoo bands above and below the knee may help.

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