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      AvatarJohn Jackson

      Hey guys,

      I’ve had a lady start with me in the past few weeks who tore her ACL 20+ years ago. Since then, she has developed a deformity in her squat (also in her set up for cleans, deadlifts, etc.) where she will shift her hips grotesquely to the right to favor her good knee.  She has full range of motion in the both knees, and no discomfort in the knee in either. I have worked stretching her hips both internally and externally thinking this may be the issue, but I have found that tightness in her hips is not the reason for this distortion. Her left leg, which was the side of her ACL tear, is dramatically weaker because she has favored her right side over the years since her injury. I have given her homework of pistol box squats on her left leg to strengthen the leg, but she neglects to do it on her own. And I’m trying to figure out ways to break her habit of this deformity, but I’m not having any success in breaking the 20+ years of it. Is there anything you guys can think of that would help get her to shift her hips and weight more to her left side? Thanks!

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you working on stability in the hip?
      Lateral leg raises
      Medial leg raises
      bent leg lateral raises
      single leg tuck
      single leg over hold 20ish sec
      Have you addressed tissue up/down stream of where you see the issue?

      Go back to stage one and retool the movement pattern.
      The movement pattern is not correct. Correct the technique deviations.
      Squat therapy, box squats start as high as she needs to maintain correct movement pattern. Lower the box as the technique holds.

      The homework may be too difficult for her to perform on her own.

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