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      AvatarTom Mar

      I see there’s an app for everything but what we really need is a mobility wod app!!

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      AvatarTaheer Ilyas

      Agreed. Get on it guys

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      AvatarMark Milgrove

      I think KStarr talked about this once (maybe it was a podcast) and how it takes a lot of work to run the site as-is (kelly and everyone else involved in this have normal lives too and they need time to spend relaxing with friends and family) and that it would also cost a lot more to pay someone to design and maintain the app and to pay for the servers or whatever to run the app and manage it and the whatnot. I’m not a techy and it seems neither is Kelly, but theres a lot of work that would need to go into making a quality app that people would like and the MWod people aren’t prepared to do that at this time. I seem to recall him saying as well that they try hard to keep this site ad-free and as easy to use as possible, and they want to make sure everything they put out is a high quality product and to create an app just isn’t realistic at the current time.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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