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      AvatarLauren Moore

      Does anyone hear use or has tried Romwod.com? I am thinking of doing rom wod as well as mobility wod. Do/did you like it? I know KStar does not recommend static stretching, only PNF types and it seems to be static stretching but I could be wrong. Thanks 🙂

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      AvatarBrian Foster

      I just signed up for the 7 free day for ROMwod yesterday night.  So far I am pretty impressed.  here are my pros and cons for each website (note I still have little experience with ROMwod

      ROMwod pros
      – excellent production quality
      – Peaceful zen like
      – super easy to follow along, recommends exactly what to do with everything
      -titles/descriptions are very straightforward
      -website is easy to navigate
      ROMwod cons
      -primarily passive stretching
      -does not have scientific explanations, injury prevention tips, nutrition, etc like Mobilitywod
      -does not seem to have any banded stretching, smashing, etc.
      Mobilitywod pros
      -videos on a wide array of topics.
      -cutting/new/inovative information
      -many experts + guest stars
      -variety of techniques to apply to mobility and injury prevention
      Mobilitywod cons
      – Poor video production
      – videos seem rushed
      – some concepts explained in a way that is hard to understand to the vast majority
      – titles not clear– hard to find what you want
      – no title on daily RX
      -no follow along videos
      Right now I think that ROMwod will be more effective for me in improving my flexibility and mobility because of the easy to follow along videos, straight forward prescriptions, and no need for a gym ect.  I think I would be more consistent with this website.  AS far as cutting information, and help across the board, the mobility sod episodes are better.
      hope that helps
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      AvatarLauren Moore

      Thank you BMAN17 🙂

      That was super helpful. Right now I am doing both mobility wod and rom wod and was finding that rom wod is only static stretching which KStar does not recommend. They videos did mention at one point that the stretching is meant to be super passive so that the tendons and something else will stretch and not so much about the muscle. I have been doing them and it doesn’t seem like my flexibility has increased so I thought about maybe finding something with PNF stretching like KStar recommends.

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      You aren’t seeing change because:
      “You really just need to cue your nervous system a little and hang out
      at end range for a bit. The part about hanging out at the end of your
      range is the important part.

      More on what is happening with PNF

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      AvatarLauren Moore

      Hi Kaitlin, Thank you for that link. Very interesting. I think I will definitely try to incorporate PNF stretching into my routine instead of ROM WOD. 🙂

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      AvatarBrian Foster

      When I first stumbled upon mobilitywod I though Kstar was a genius and right about everything.  I still agree that he is awesome, but I have found that there is something to say for exploring various methods.  on one side it makes sense to me that static stretching doesn’t work, but on the other side I take a look at gymnists who are uber flexible, and base there mobility largely on static stretching.  I am going to combine the two websites and see how it goes for a week.

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      AvatarLauren Moore

      Very true Bman 🙂 Good point about the gymnastics people. Though usually they only get that flexible when they start as a little kid. Very challenging to get that flexible as an adult if you have never been that flexible before.
      I would love to hear what you think after your week is up. 🙂

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      Bman, I have never seen rom wod but will have to check it out.  From my experience reading health and fitness stuff, there are many people out there and many schools of thought on various topics.  I have a group of professionals I tend to follow, try to look for places where there is common agreement and bring those things into my health and fitness program.

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