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      AvatarMike Horn

      Obviously this is more of an option for those who work from home. I was inspired to give this a try after a brutal upper quad/TFL smashing session that really helped open up the front of my hips. After sitting for an hour or so, I felt the tightness creeping back in. Sure, I could smash again, but (1) it’s unpleasant enough that I’d rather not have to smash the same area multiple times per day, and (2) that’s a lot of running to stand still. If I can limit the sitting, then I can make some forward progress with the smashing/mobilizations.

      So I’m typing this from a cross legged sitting position at my desk. Had to prop my sit bones up quite a bit from where my feet are resting given how tight my hips are. Hopefully with time, I’ll be able to lower myself down to being able to sit cross legged on a flat surface. This is tough on the top outer edges of my feet (which are resting on a hard surface), but I suppose they’ll toughen up over time. Plus, the discomfort will force me to get up periodically, which is always a good thing.
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