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        Hey guys a number of years ago, about 10, I hurt my knee backpedaling.  There was a loud pop and it swelled up really nicely.  Since then over the years I’ve had instances where with a lot of lateral movement and force my knee will come out of place and its quite painful.  I was always able to run and squat etc without too much pain besides some aching.  Fast forward to December 2013 I was at kick boxing and kicked one of the bags and I had a shearing type pain in the medial part of my knee kind of in the groove next to where your patella is with pain traveling up/down my leg diagonally ending up or beginning from my lateral malleolus on my ankle.  So since then I’ve taken time off and have gotten an MRI on my knee which showed the following:

         PCL intact.  ACL with minimal mucoid degeneration.  MCL intact.  Lateral complex and popliteus tendon intact.  No tear lateral and medial meniscus.  


        Patella tendon intact.  Quadriceps intact.  Thickened medial plica. Suprapatella pica.  High position of patella with lateral subluxation.  Degenerative change patellofemoral joint with deep fissure patella apex.  Minimal fissuring lateral patella.  Joint effusing.


        What makes this injury so frustrating is that the rest of my body feels like its ready to go.  My orthopedist said I can go back to kickboxing and just to strengthen my legs and that there wasnt really anything surgically they could do at this point. 

        Are there any strength/mobility exercises you guys can think of that would help get my patella more inline where it needs to be? I haven’t come across too many videos address patella alta specifically. I assume I need to just work on my knee/hip/ankle flexibility.  I also have a knee brace in the mail coming to me which I hope helps.   The mobility equipment I have at this time are the green and black rogue bands, a rumble roller, voodoo floss bands, a gemini and a lacrosse ball.  I also bought some do-win squat shoes with heel lifts to hopefully improve my squat mechanics.  

        I’d be so very appreciative if there’s anything you guys could recommend.  I don’t want to give up kickboxing/jiu jitsu.  

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