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      AvatarAndrew Dewar

      So, anytime I squat I am getting some pretty ugly pain in my hip flexors. Today I failed on a single at 100# less than my PR because the pain sucked so bad. I don’t even have to be squatting, just lifting my knee to my chest, I hit a wall at about 90 Degrees. I have stretched the crap out of them, smashed my quads, no change. Today was the worse, but I did have about 6 hours of driving to do last night and accumulated probably 8 mins a side of stretching, so that’s not super ideal, but any who, Thoughts? 

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      May want to have someone look at your squat mechanics.
      You may be doing something slightly different from restrictions you may not be aware are happening.
      Have you hit any hip openers?
      A couple  to start with
      Episode 206: The Couch Series
      Episode 235: Recover Your Anterior With the Super Couch
      Episode 271: Full Over Head Test and Super Couch
      Pro Episode # 52 – Pro user Request Friday: Couch Stretch Feel Weird? It’s a Diagnostic Tool too.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Danny,

      Are you only getting the pain during squatting?
      It could be a matter of impingement (soft tissues getting all squished in your hip as you go into flexion). Try some of the banded hip flexion mobilizations with the band distracting backwards (like at min 3 in this episode). These can take a little practice to get the hang of, so set yourself aside a good chunk of time to work with them and see if it helps.
      I would also try getting a lacrosse ball a bit higher on your leg, up into the flexor wad (that area around your pocket if you’re wearing jeans). It can be tender, so be conservative, but I’ve had instances where I get pain during hip flexion if this stuff is all wound up and crappy.
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