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      My right anterior hip, more specifically in the region of iliacus, pectineus, basically in the adductor group, has some irritation, almost like an impinged feeling when in deep flexion with external rotated and abducted.  I feel it when I sit in a middle split and times when I random lift leg.  If I were to press on my quad and try to pull my knee to my chest I would feel the irritation.  Deep squatting aggravates it as well.

      What I’ve done is mashed: 4 horseman, and done some capsular work on to the extent that there isn’t any pain when performing the mob.  This has been a slight nagging issue for almost a month.  It has gotten a little better, I’ve noticed.  Any advise to a mob I may have overlooked?
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      I’ve also smashed adductors

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