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      AvatarKaren Santamaria

      I know there are two recent foot stress fracture threads, but I don’t want to hijack them so I’ll start this one.

      I’m currently training a D1 track athlete who thinks she might have a stress fracture on the left foot (the inside one while running) – although she hasn’t had it checked out yet. She has had three stress fractures in the same spot on the same foot – all suffered before she started training with me. This is the first injury she reported while training with me. 
      The problem she is facing is that if she gets an x-ray with the team doctor and it turns out to be a stress fracture, they will put her in a boot for 6 weeks and she wouldn’t be able to compete. Being a senior, she is very against this option.
      I’m wondering if there is any way we can work around the problem until April when the track season is over. Any specific Marc Pro, VooDoo band, or joint/tissue mobility techniques we can do to buy some time? We are already hitting the Marc Pro heavy. It helps, but I feel like we could be doing some other stuff as well.
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      It is a situation that needs to be checked by a doctor. Continuing to injure the same area is not good.
      This also shows the cause of the stress fracture is not being addressed.
      3 stress fractures in the same spot of the same foot sounds like a running technique issue. Until the cause of the stress fracture is addressed it will continue to happen and not heal.
      The longer she trains on an injury the longer it will take to ultimately heal.
      She could reach her body’s tolerance to train with the injury before the season is completed and not perform at an acceptable level and not end up being able to train/complete.

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      AvatarKaren Santamaria

      I kind of agree. But the only thing is that the team doctors don’t seem to be helping all that much. In the previous occurrences, she was placed in a boot with no movement and a whole lot of ice – as well as being isolated from the team. She’s in kind of a weird situation.

      As far as the running technique goes, I would be surprised if that is an issue. She is currently about 1.5 frames into Pose when she is fresh – and only slight supination. And while I’m sure it breaks down a little towards the end of her race, it still doesn’t take her long to reach Pose (a major improvement from last season). Her indoor track has near right-angle turns, so that obviously does not help. Also, this recent issue started after we did about 40 broad jumps in our workout – which made her shins tight. Then the next morning she had a hard practice and afterwards is when it started hurting bad I believe. We did shin mashing/smearing, lacrosse ball on bottom of foot, calf mashing, heel cord whacking, foot smearing, ankle distraction, Voodoo band, and Marc Pro. Out of all of those, Voodoo and Marc Pro probably give the most relief, but then she aggravates it again at practice.
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      Can she see someone other than the team doctor?
      What about her landing/where she is landing on her foot. She may be landing on her toes.
      Something is not correct with technique if this continues to happen in the same place.
      Supination could be an impacting factor. She may have been able to buffer it in the past, but has reached her body’s tolerance level with it. When that happens things start to show up and its game over until it is addressed. No warning nothing just happens.
      Technique with other skills may be an impacting factor.
      Is she warming up enough?
      Drill work, warming up ranges/joints, movement

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      AvatarKaren Santamaria

      I’ll talk to her about warm-up or cool down at her practices. Here, we warm-up and cool down. I’ll check out those MWOD episodes too. Thanks.

      From what I have seen, she goes pretty well on ball-of-foot, but I’ll keep an eye on landing on the toes too much. It costs too much money to get an xray here and she doesn’t have time to go back home to get it done either. Like I said, she’s in a weird situation. Are there any specific Marc Pro pad placements that could buy some time? What about duration?
      Thank you for the responses though!
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      email me [email protected]

      It may be something that happens when she gets tired and things start to breakdown.
      I understand the situation is tough.
      We can look at some possibilities and what you are currently doing.

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