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      AvatarJessie Heikenfeld


        I’ve been having some trouble with my ankle lately, when i squat the arch of my foot lifts up from the ground (supinate) and when i dorsiflex i get this weird pinch on top of my ankle (talus area) and it leads under the medial malleolus, i’ve tried posterior banded distraction and other ankle mobilizations but with no avail. They only make it worse, i went to physical therapy to try get this fixed, i got some relief but then it came right back.

        Any ideas?

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          AvatarJessie Heikenfeld

            I in fact have not seen these, episode 54 seems to be treating the thing i talk about, but i can’t hear a thing!

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            AvatarMichael Schwerin

              i also have an impingement and I’ve done a ton of banded distraction which doesn’t seem to help clear the impingement at all. I’ve smashed my calves quite a lot bone sawing it and done lots of heel cord voodoo tack and floss, but that impingement and block just won’t go away, any ideas?

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              AvatarNathan Richer

                I did banded distractions but also had to release my ankles.  my chiro/PT would do soft tissue to release muscles around the lower leg, and then yank on it to release the ankle.  for me, i found that i had to do that for a *LONG* time in addition to banded distractions before i found that ROM stuck.  even so, i still have to release the ankles since they get all jammed up somehow.

                as an aside, my PT/chiro showed me how to release them myself. not sure i’d recommend it to anyone but it can be done, if you can find a willing PT/chiro to show you how.
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                  Yes there was a complication with the sound on episode 54.
                  Turn the sound up on your computer and one the bottom left by where you hit play make sure the sound is turned up there. Both of these help. At 5:37 sound improves when everything is turned up.
                  Have you changed running technique or are you transitioning to wearing a flatter shoe?
                  You aren’t hitting the cause of the issue which is why you aren’t seeing improvement. Have you addressed things up/down stream of the issue?
                  This hits on some of the things in the video:

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                  AvatarMichael Schwerin

                    I have done quite a bit of tib work too. I’m working on hitting the plantar facia as i sometimes get pain on the bottom of my left foot during squats, i always do work some daily on my hips hamstrings and quads and calves, Couch stretch, smashing etc. my left ankle also looks a bit puffier than the right. i assume thats scar tissue from past strains ? so I’ve just started voodo ing the ankle 

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                    AvatarLoren Phillips

                      FrankieParke I feel your pain, my right ankle has an impingement that I haven’t been able to clear with the banded mulligan, it only seems to aggravate the joint. One thing that has helped slightly is using the voodoo floss band and/or the band to go into ankle dorsiflexion whilst rotating the tibia in IR. Here are two examples:

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