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      AvatarChristian Bass

      1 1/2 years ago injured my left ankle playing soccer.  Of course had many ankle roll injuries and sprains over the years.  This last one was a contusion with a couple torn ligaments.  A couple months before this injury I had just become a crossfit athlete and tried to stay on.  I just couldn’t stay on with crossfit because my pain and actual stability became in my mind unsafe.  I realize now that I didn’t seek enough help from my crossfit coach and relied on the wrong advice from PT.  Ice and NWB as for first 3-4 weeks.  Then ice, meds and limited mobility.  Fast forward 1 1/2 years.  I have a left ankle that is scarred with limited ROM.  But worse is I have a whopper of a bone spur on the right side now affecting Achilles attachment. I feel pain every step of my day.  I have had stop running and soccer for now and the MD would like to do surgery.  I hate the thought of surgery and am trying to self treat till I no longer have a choice.  I echo a lot of what I have read here.  I wish I learned about this site many years ago.  A friend turned me on to “Ready to Run”. I am the walking billboard of doing everything wrong over the years.  My direction has changed but in the meantime I would like to know if there is any advice to work around this bone spur so I don’t need surgery.  I am sure I need to address both sides but kinda need a good point in the right directions.  All these videos and discussions are amazing but where does one start while at home.  Thanks, Shauna (46yr old female)

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      If the pain is coming from the bone spur it won’t resolve until the bone spur(cause of the pain) is removed.
      Its like breaking a credit card. You can keep bending it until it  breaks. With the bone spur impacting the achillies attachment same thing can be occurring.
      What Does That Heel Spur Likely Mean?
      Are you addressing the motor patterns which caused the heel spur to develop?

      There are several episodes which address different aspects of the ankle/ankle rom.
      Has anyone taken a look at your running technique?

      Does the skin around the ankle joint slide?
      A couple episodes to start with.
      Episode 258: Ankle Mobility-Self Mulligan Technique
      Episode 285: Sliding Surfaces; Ankle Range of Motion Case Study Part 1
      Episode 285: Sliding Surfaces; Ankle Range of Motion Case Study Part 2

      Jami and Roop have a 5 part ankle and foot series
      Roop & Jami’s Excellent Foot & Ankle Adventure | Part I

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      AvatarChristian Bass

      Thanks for the reply Kaitlin.  The motor problem, I believe that caused the bone spur, is the bum ankle on the opposite side.  Wearing that stupid boot and then trying to be an athlete again with a limited ROM ankle caused my good side to get really bad form and technique.  Bottom line is the cause of the heel spur was me and my stubborn personality and lack of education. I used this web site to search for some recommended providers to help teach me some mobility techniques. Unfortunately, nothing came up within 20 miles of my zip.   I am going to watch your recommended videos and get back to you on the rest.  I really appreciate this site and your input. 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      If the bone spur is stripping away at at your achillies tendon eventually it will wear through it and surgery to repair it will be necessary. Sounds like it is impacting your walking pattern as well.

      Look forward to hearing an update.
      Message me with any questions.

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