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        Hey Guys,

        I’ve had two surgeries on my left ankle. First one was to fuse my talas
        and calcaneus that was discovered after I wasn’t recovering from a sprain and
        the second was to remove scar tissue that resulted from the first surgery and
        the sprain that started all this. This has been an ongoing issue for me for
        about 2.5 years now.

        Since the sprain and surgeries I have been having major issues with
        dorsiflexion. To the point where i struggle to even get past 90 degrees rom and
        even a few cms into squats results in a block in the front of my ankle. I have
        worked through the amazing videos Kelly and the team have put together but they
        don’t seem to be making a difference the joint just feels stuck. I have worked
        tirelessly on releasing my calf, Achilles and the other areas of my lower leg but
        nothing seems to help. My hip mobility which is good even to the point of being 
        hyper-mobile in the hip. Since my sprain I have seen 5 different physio’s to try
        and work through the issue and fix the rom but each has become frustrated and
        unable to fix the issue. I also consulted with a second specialist to confirm
        that the joint is actually fine and they confirmed that the ligament/tendons,
        etc are all functioning normally and that its just stiff and to “give it time”

        I’m at a loss here and would really appreciate any help/advice you could
        give me.



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          Have you looked into booking a virtual session?
          This is a great way to get a better handle on the situation if you aren’t local to San Francisco.

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