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      The story:

      I am a pronator and I have orthotics.
      In an effort to restore my arches and reduce my dependance on orthotics, I have been working on standing/walking while using natural torque with some success.
      I tried to carry this torque concept into my running.  Started with 4k’s this spring and working up to longer distances (training for a half).  I still use my orthotics to run; I didn’t want to shock my system too badly.  Mostly focusing on keeping my toes straight ahead and not allowing my arch to collapse in.
      My knees, which used to be an issue, have been less of a problem.  However, my ankles are killing me when I run or jump rope.  I don’t want to trade one joint pain for a worse one.  
      Any ideas on what I maybe doing wrong/overdoing and how to correct to a normal joint-friendly stride?
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      What are you doing to strengthen your feet?
      Are you working to resolve your pronation?
      Have you had anyone look at your running technique or video tape you while running?
      You may have fault(s) within your running technique that need attention.
      Are your knees still a problem?
      This definitely could be a running technique issue.
      What is your ankle mobility like?
      Do you work on your ankle mobility before running or jump rope?
      There are some solid episodes that address ankle mobility.
      A few to start with

      Episode 25: Heel Cords of a Cheetah, Achilles Well Being

      Episode 204: Donnie Thompson, Strongest Powerlifter Ever, Cares About Your Swelling

      Episode 237: Heel Cord Love

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      For strengthening my feet, I have been trying to go barefoot around the house as much as possible while focusing on maintaining my arch when standing and walking.  I try to go for short walks without my orthotics.  I have done some contractions of the muscles in the arch as exercise as well, but maybe I should be doing more?

      I am certainly trying to resolve my pronation!
      I have not had anyone look at or video my running.
      My knees are much less of a problem, but I am also doing a lot of exercises and rolling in that area so it’s hard to say.  I suspect if I stopped doing my knee maintenance, they would start to hurt again.
      My ankle mobility is good.  I’ve never had issues with stability or range of motion.  I’ve tried a few of the ankle mobs but they usually make my ankle joint feel irritated and I have no testable benefits from them.
      Thanks for your help
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      Another is scrunching up a towel with your toes
      Your knees could be a running technique issue where it is not going away with the work you are doing and you think it would return if you stopped doing it.
      When jumping rope and running are your heels kissing the ground?
      Are you landing ball of foot or on your toes?
      When running or jumping rope you may be using different muscles than you have in the past.
      If you increased time jumping rope or distance/time running too quickly that could be an impacting factor.
      Have you noticed any improvements?

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      I got some relief from the distraction technique in episode 204.  I finally went to the chiropractor and it turns out my navicular had wandered out of position.  He adjusted the ankles and things are much better (no shooting pain). Things are still not quite right, though.  Might just take some time.


      My knee pain has actually reduced quite a bit since I started to pay attention to my feet when running, so at least something is working! Yay!
      Yes, my heels kiss the ground when running and jumping rope.  I land on the ball of my foot when I jump.
      I’m trying to do ball work and distraction on the ankles everyday.  Fingers crossed…
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      Great to hear you are getting things resolved.
      Do the chiropractor say anything on what may have caused the navicular bone to be out of place?
      Identifying the cause will help to correct the situation so the change stays.
      Another  to take a look at:
      Episode 07: Bro, Your Navicular Bone Dropped
      Yes it can take some time for things to get completely worked out. Keep working with it as you are seeing change.

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