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      Hello All,

      I have been olympic weightlifting for about two years now, and have tried countless times to remedy this problem, and I could really use some insight.
      1) When back squatting, my left foot is about 2 inches in front of my right foot. 
      2) My left foot has a much less significant angle of external rotation than my right. This leads to uneven squats and a strong favoring of my right side over my left. 
      3) When snatching and cleaning, my left foot will often shoot forward relative to my right, and my hips will dip farther down on the right side than on the left, causing me to favor the right (deeper) side when I’m squatting out of the hole. 
      4) If I align my feet symmetrically and squat, my right side is still deeper than my left. 
      5) My right knee is able to push farther in front of my feet than my left. 
      All in all, this unevenness really inhibits my ability to be strong and symmetric in my lifts. 
      Any help would be much appreciated. 
      Thank you.
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