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      AvatarDavid Green

      My dorsiflexion is pretty restricted so I have been trying to work on it a lot. It is especially bad in eversion and dorsiflexion (I think that’s what it would be called) basically rotating out while dorsiflexed.

      The day after I mobilize it usually feels worse and more stiff. Am I just doing too much? If I don’t do the exercises I don’t seem to make any changes. Thoughts on how to progress?

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey David!

      When you say you are incorporating eversion it sounds as if you may be collapsing into a pronated foot position, meaning the arch is collapsing. This may be why your ankle is feeling more stiff. When trying to mobilize trying focusing more on pure dorsiflexion.

      Check out some of the ankle mobilization techniques here and remember try performing them without letting the ankle collapse.


      TRS Staff

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