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      AvatarKristina Jones

      Hi leopards

      I’m searching for a topic about basic anatonomy specialy about the hip complex. I think this could help me a lot with my mobilizations, cause I think it helps understanding what are good and bad positions to mobilize in. I’m missing flexion,extension,internal rotation of the hips. I understand the mobilization exercises to improve these but worrying about femur placement because even with distraction I still feel impingment/running into a wall… My fysio is talking about bone growth on the hip bowl which is blocking me. I’m waitig for a scan of my hip to look if i have a genetic misshaped hip. I hope it is only a muscular problem!

      Any thoughts about good anatomy references/books. Anatomy without a scalpel catched my eye….


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      This anatomy website: http://www.getbodysmart.com/ap/muscularsystem/menu/menu.html is a good one.
      Your femur may be pull to the front of the socket.
      If you look on the CFJ I believe there is a older post from a couple years ago that addresses this.

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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

      I think the Visible Body products are great

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      AvatarKay Heil

      If you have some understand of insertions, origins and actions I would look into getting this app:

      I use it a ton. I use to show to clients when I coach them and I use when I mobilize and need a visual tool. I also use screen shots and email them to myself and post them on the wall at work.

      Understanding the hip has a lot to do with knowing insertions, origins and actions.  Combine that knowledge with kstar videos and some life experience with sports and human movement and you might be able to see this “matrix” that’s hard to explain. It also helps to understand antagonist, reciprical inhibition and muscle length tension relationships (which I’ve learned from personal training certs).  This stuff is easily google-able though.

      I have a similar hip problem and Have found that to really understand your own to understand how you move and how everything works.

      The reason why I recommend this app is because you can move the human body around on on your iphone/ipad with your finger, peel muscles and fade muscles off and getting a better visual representation of things. It’s the closest thing I’ve found.

      Here’s sort of my view on what I think (with the help of my own knowledge + mwod)…you say “missing flexion,extension,internal rotation of the hips.”

      Missing flexion could mean the femur bone ball/socket capsule is getting stuck..so distract…it could also mean the opposing muscle groups like extensors of the hamstrings, glutes, etc and tight and don’t want to let go.  If you’re missing extension , it also means you’re flexors…rectus femoris, sartorius, psoas etc…are restricting motion.  Stretching opposing groups and getting the hip ball in the right spot will allow your hip to move better.
      I’m no therapist or qualified doctor, I”m just a personal trainer with a passion for mwod….I’m also a broken leopard…anyways that’s my two cents.

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      AvatarMartin Repcek
      The best site I’ve found is. It is an interactive 3D model of the body. You can peel back different layers and select individual body parts. There is also a search feature that will highlight the body part – useful for finding muscles that are hidden behind other muscles.


      You will need a browser with WebGL enabled. I think Chrome has it enabled by default. It can be enabled on Safari under the “Develop” menu. I think the Develop menu item also has it’s own enable option. 
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      AvatarAdam Simpson

      This one is pretty good also… https://www.biodigitalhuman.com/home/

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