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      AvatarEmeric Borcy

      Is there any truth to the idea that mobility work can, over time, improve the positions and angles of the joints enough to “correct” or “straighten” bow legs in adults?  And if so, is there any specific part to focus on (i.e. hip capsule, quads, lower legs, etc.)?  

      I have a case of bow legs which isn’t severe enough to consider the very painful route of surgery, but is absolutely impacting my ability to get into proper positions when lifting.  Thanks!
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky
      I don’t know how much change you are going to be able to make to your bony structure in this situation but I don’t think surgery is a route you want to pursue either. You really just have to find the best ways for you to move that allow you to be efficient and produce force and don’t cause pain.
      MWOD Staff
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