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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Hey guys,

      I have been struggling with my deep squat lately.
      The moment I reach the 90 degree angle my adductor starts to hurt. It compromises me really activating the glutes and keeping the knees out.
      I have been smashing my hams and glute, and recently start smashing my adductors as well ( which hurt like cray )  The pain seems to go away for a while, but then just returns as it was before…
      If someone has any advice on this, that would be awesome!
      Thanks you guys
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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Sanjay, here’s my go-to MWOD video for those grisly adductors:

      You can also do the first mob with a green band looped just under one knee, then around your lower back and around the other knee (couldn’t find K-Star’s video that shows this but by golly it’s somewhere on the site). 
      I HAVE to do this mob for at least 5 minutes after SUP sessions and hitting the Concept2. 
      Give it a try and let us know how you get on. Good luck!
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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Hey Philip,

      Thanks for the advice, I will try this out this week and see what it gives me.
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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Sanjay, another three tips would be: 1) start trying to stay in the bottom position of a deep squat for a few minutes every day – K-Star’s 10 Minute Squat Test (but even two or three minutes can help). 

      2) Try the mob shown here to attack your problem area in a new way:
      3) The top of your quads may be part of the problem. Try the couch stretch and lean inward toward and across your midline to really go after the top of the quads/adductors on the inside of each leg. 
      I hope all this provides some benefit. It’s a common problem area. 
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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, my account got a bit messed up!

      Phil thank you so much for your efforts!
      The stacking is definitely a big help, I ca nreally notice the difference after that, so I’m gonna do that a couple of times per week.
      Just after the couch stretch, I can really feel the ant. hip, in pain. Although it does lighten up the quads. I think I will not go as deep and then see what happens.
      Thanks again
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      Avatar[email protected]

      The recent pelvic floor episode was talking about gut smashing helping adductors too.

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      AvatarNicholas Walker

      I actually did do that one. 

      But somehow the place which you tense up when doing Kegels seem to always have to pressure and be tensed, even after gut smashing as well. I think this is corelated with my problem.
      I’m tyring to find ways to relax it, but it is not easy
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