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      today I injured my foot real bad when I accidentally kicked a fence with quite hard force (yes, like an idiot). I´ve already got an x-ray and there are no fractures. 

      I can walk with a limp nearly pain free, but some movements of the foot causes SEVERE pain. The impact and pain originates from the lateral side of the foot, around the middle foot and I´ve got some swelling.

      I just watched the a couple of mwod episodes on injuries:



      I am a bit confused. As I understand I should move as much as possible as long as it doesn´t cause any pain, getting as much circulation into area as possible. But when it comes to compression, should I compress the area even though it causes pain? Or is it a better idea to compress above the injury instead (as I think Gary Reinl talks about in the icing episode) just to help ”get the garbage out and the groceries in”?

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