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      I have seen more benefit from the mobs here than I’ve seen in many months of physical therapy – for which I thank you very much! There does seem to be a LOT going on with my shoulder complex/left side of my neck and spine. Then I tweaked THAT shoulder at the gym two weeks ago trying to do something that I knew I shouldn’t attempt yet – though I didn’t pay the price until that night when I went to bed.

      Obviously there is something complex going on, and I’ve an appointment with a chiropractor next week who specializes in shoulders, nerve entrapment, biomechanics, and active release techniques. If I can’t see Kelly, then I think I need to see someone at least once. Do you recommend ART? From what I can tell, ART deals with fascia and soft tissues. I certainly won’t give up my mobility work, but it seems time for a professional perspective. I’ve never seen a chiro before…
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      I haven’t tried it myself, but ART sounds a lot like what Kelly recommended in terms of lymphatic drainage in the Pro Video for dealing with swelling in a sprained ankle, so I think it’s worth a shot.  Most chiro’s don’t deal with soft tissue, so it sounds like yours has a lot more training – never a bad thing!

      I always make it a practice to try any new treatment style 2-3 times and then decide for myself if it’s making a difference.  It certainly won’t make things worse, in any case (assuming you have some sort of health care plan to keep your wallet from being emptied 😛 )
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      This Chiro seems to deal in a wide variety of things, hopefully he can figure out the root of my shoulder problem. I really don’t think it is the actual shoulder but something both up/downstream that has a cascading effect on things that is preventing me from gaining strength in that arm. I do know I’ve had more real benefit from mobility work from this site than anything else ever has – but I’ve reached a plateau and I think I need to have a better idea in what order to attack things. I really want to consult with Kelly – but the Midwest is a long way from San Francisco 🙂 

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      Everything is connected. It’s entirely possible something as far down as your big toe can impact your neck. I’ve read somewhere that compensation to an injury can become permanent after two weeks. For example, you sprain your ankle. You can’t dorsiflex because of the injury so you walk like a duck. Twenty years later you still walk like a duck although it healed years ago because you didn’t do the proper rehab. Now you might have some hip dysfunction, be leaning to one side, pelvis tilted, crooked spine, etc… I’m over-simplifying this because I don’t fully understand it all myself. I just know I feel like I’m playing whack-a-mole when trying to fix all my problems. It seems like one dysfunction re-enforces another. 

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      Tell me about it – but for me it doesn’t seem so much like “whack-a-mole” as the problems stay in the same area. My neck, collar bone and arm on that side have all sustained significant injuries over the years – so it seems obvious what the root of the problem is. On top of that two very good strength/conditioning coaches have been trying to help me gain strength in that arm and both have made no progress. These are elite coaches so the dysfunction is apparent – but figuring it all out is quite challenging. All else is fine, just that blasted shoulder complex/neck.

      I just want to be a middle-aged stronger supple leopard or at least a semi-supple stronger leopard 🙂
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