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      Did not see any related topic to this or I did not look deep enough. But I suffered an ACL tear about a year ago (January 2013) due to a experiment with a tree while snowboarding (I lost). Since then i recovered, did the open last year and have become a extremely better athelete than the year before in all realms. I do not have knee pain during or before workouts but usually when I sit for a while, flossing always helps among other things but I’m wondering am i digging a hole for my future self? I do my best to practice movements as efficiently as possible especially jumping and landing. should I bite the bullet and get surgery done as soon as a spot opens up or do i have a couple more years to ride it out safely and continue training the way I do.  

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      Are you cooling down after you workout?
      Pain is a lagging indicator.
      By the time pain shows up damage is already done.
      You have less tolerance for deviations in technique following your injury.
      You may need to improve your leg position while sitting.
      Have you consulted a doctor about the pain that is showing up?
      It sounds like a situation where consulting a doctor would be beneficial to see where your knee is at.

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