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      AvatarMartin Billing

      Hi, every time I perform the following mobilization technique the next day or 2 my lower back feels achy and stiff. Specifically wrapping the band around the hip and extending and contracting the knee back and forth like the video shows starting at 10:00:


      I focus on making sure my lower back is not rounding and keeping good posture throughout the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

      I have a couple theories but wanted some help to see if I can correct what I am doing wrong. Some of my ideas:

      – Too much too soon, I am pretty tight all over so I try to follow all of the advice on the youtube channel. For this movement I do 20 cycles back and forth on each side. I can’t touch the floor while doing it so I fold over about half way to keep good posture

      – An imbalance between glutes, hamstrings, and the front of my abdominal region. I am lengthening my hamstrings but maybe this is throwing off the balance between the tension placed on the pelvis between hamstrings and abdominal.

      The last time I had this issue I did a bunch of gut smashing the next day and the aches and tightness got better but did not go away completely. I am not sure if the gut smashing helped or if the aches and tightness went away due to the couple days rest

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      AvatarMartin Billing

      Some info about my issues that may shed some light are that I have excessive arch in my back and my ribs protrude forward when I stand and I am not conscious about my posture. I also have rounded shoulders and my head tilts forward.

      Any insight on what is causing my issue or what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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