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      hi i have had achilles pain from cross country for about 8 monthes. I have smashed and stretched and voodoo banded it but it feels like its almost losing some sensitivity compared to the other one which is normal and fine. Does anyone have suggestions? thanks

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      You may not be hitting the needed area.
      Episode 352: Dealing With Old Junky Tissue
      What was the cause of the achillies pain?
      Running technique?
      Too much mileage too fast?
      Not recovering from workouts?
      Has anything else happened to the leg?

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      Pay attention to your calves too.  When my calves get tight, the pain/discomfort is all in the achilles area, even though I am pretty sure my achilles are fine.  Some calf smashing and long stretches made my ankles feel baby cheetah-esque again.

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      Ok thanks

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      Although I’m definitely not a long distance runner, I recently have had a flare up of my achilles tendon. 

      A local physio had a quick look at my gait and a feel of my hips and believed that it was because of a weakness in my Gluteus medius muscles. With a quick test/retest (hopping) after some Gluteal activation exercises there was definite improvement. Have a look at the side-lying clam exercise.
      Again, look above and below as they say but this time a little bit further than the calves.
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