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      AvatarBen Van Heirseele


      Short version: Is it possible to be able to squat like Kelly.
      Longer version: 
      I’ve been in absolute awe of his squat since the first time I’ve seen it. I’m currently 32 and all my lower body is very very tight. My ankle and hip mobility is horrible and my hamstring flexibility is almost non-existent. 
      I have the supple leopard and obviously subscribed here.
      I know this takes daily work and things like genetics take into account here, but I guess I just wanted to get the discussion out there so that it might give me a jumping off point and some hope into getting more mobile.
      Thanks for hearing me out!
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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      I think everybody should be able to 3rd world squats!

      2 years ago I couldn’t squat below parallel, today I can squat hamstrings to calves but still got a lot of work to do.

      You just need to focus on ankles, knees and hips.
      Smashing the quads, rectus femoris and high adductor helps tremendously.
      And working on hip flexion, smashing the gut, hip flexors, tfl, glutes.

      Good luck!

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      AvatarBen Van Heirseele

      Awesome, thank you.

      I absolutely agree that we should all be able to do a 3rd world squat.
      I’ll give those spots some love and hopefully, i’ll make some improvments!
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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      I think it’s mostly ankles, because almost everybody has a better squat with the heel elevated!
      But the akles are very hard to improve if you are restricted.

      If you have a tendency to fall backwards or round your back it’s probably ankles and/or hip flexion.

      But if you want to really squat like kelly you also need good hip rotation in flexion and abduction, smashing these muscles will also help with that. You can also do the Olympic Wall Squat kelly uses a lot.
      But than you also need to look at the hip capsule. IR in flexion is restricted by many people so doing banded distractions pulling the femur back or to the side with the leg in internal rotation will help!


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