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      I’m having a problem with my groin/hip/lumbar area on my right side, kind of hard to describe, but I’ll give it a try. It’s not exactly painful, but I kind of feel like a aching numbness and an itchy sensation in those parts, and sometimes the muscles feel really tired, like they’ve been working much harder than those on the right side, or gotten a really thorough massage. Sometimes this feeling is pretty much concentrated to this area, but other times it shoots down the entire leg all the way down in the foot.

      I’m currently having problems doing weighted squats since my right leg feels weaker (it isn’t, actually it’s stronger than the left one). I can do them, but I’m kind of stuck in the same place, not being able to get any stronger. Squat cleans and squat snatches are also a problem since the fast movement under the bar can cause a pinching feeling which is irritating and sometimes even painful in the groin and/or lumbar region.

      I’ve been to several naprapaths, osteopaths and physioteraphists, but although some of them have been able to get rid of the problem for a while, none of them have been able to pinpoint what the problem really is or been able to give me a long-term solution. The last verdict was that I might have an imbalance in the base of my pelvis, but there was still no solution on how to fix it.

      Doing the couch stretch and working a pain ball on and around my sitting bones (not sure this is the correct term) gets rid of the itchy, numb and weak feeling for a while, but only for like an hour or so and if i try to squat or lift it comes back really quick.

      Does anyone recognize this and have any idea of what it might be and how to get rid of it? It’s been like this, more or less annoying for almost two years now and I’m getting really tired and frustrated about not being able to use my body and develop my strength like I would want to.

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