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      So my concern is of two separate areas.

      First: I injured my AC joint sometime in April doing god knows what and paid no mind. I just continued training and hoped the pain would go away. Since May I stopped anything that would grossly aggregate it, like benching or any form of over head work, and all Olympic lifting.

      My question pertains to how can I rehab my shoulder? Which exercises will strengthen the muscles around the joint? What exercises will strengthen the connective tissue? What can I do to prevent this?

      Second: I did a stupid squat WOD at my box back in April athat went as follows

      3×5 heavy back squat, 3×5 Heavy front squat and 3×5 heavy overhead squat. Done in a row on a single day.

      My weights were around 345 for the back squat, 285 for the front, and 115 for the overhead. I only did one set of OHS due to wrist pain.

      My knees felt fine the next day, but two days later I felt fluid build up in my right knee, there was a pressure under the knee cap and pain on the interior side of my knee.

      So inside left side of right knee. And the squatting motion aggravated it. Walking up steps aggregated it, and I felt pain at the junction of the quad and the knee. (I had my meniscus repaired in the fall of the same year, so I was questioning if I tore it again. The fluid pressure felt similar to the fluid build up I felt before I did the move that tore my meniscus.) I also weigh 290lbs. If that helps give insight.

      Also I have been primarily using the c2 rower and the recumbent and regular exercise bike to assist in rehab.

      Now with this, my ortho said it is synovitis, but I am unsure. It has been several months, and the pain isn’t as bad. But have been trying to reincorporate front squats into my programming. Light albeit.

      What do you think it might be if it is something other than synovitis? What do you think the best course of action is to help rehab this and eliminate the pain? What can I do to speed up the healing process? Should I continue squatting?

      Thank you. Also, I’m doing this from my phone so apologies if any of this is confusing.

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