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      AvatarTim McCaffery

      I’ve been to orthopaedics and pts but they couldn’t help me.

      Kelly was the first to make me realize about my spine on my own.
      I watched his video on the QL and Matt has exactly the same as I.
      So i was doing the Ql mob for quite a while now but there’s no improvement.
      Test/retest also doesn’t show difference. The way I can tell is by bending forward
      and lookin in the mirror. I can see that I dont have a round lumbar curve when bending
      forward. Can someone help me? Is there maybe somthing additional that Kelly did
      to Matt? Im happy for any ideas
      Greetings WhiteElement
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      Have you looked up stream and down stream of the issue for other impacting factors?

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      AvatarTim McCaffery

      I found my thoracic spine to be always sore, but i would’ve guessed thats an overcompensation thing because the lumbar spine is soo tight

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I watched the video again.  but when you say you have abnormal curve in the spine and hump in lumbar, did you mean that your lumbar spine is curving too much to the inside, which you attribute to the QLs being too tight and yanking down on the top half of the body?

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      Have you addressed your t spine at all?
      Pro Episode # 9 – Spinal Archetypes
      Basic T-Spine Mobilization
      T-Spine Smash – Double Lacrosse Ball
      And there are several others
      Episode 42: Creative Pain, Low Back Decompression, Hammies
      Spinal Loading Error, You Can’t Unbend-Bent
      Creating a Stable Low Back with Better Hip Mechanics

      Jill Miller has some great neck&low back quick fixes here
      There is a link for a free quick fix here others are available for a small fee.
      These are another way to hit areas that may be impacting the the area.

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      AvatarTim McCaffery


      minute 2:00, you can see like a little hump in his lower back, which looks just like mine. 
      The problem I’m having here is that it is impossible to make my spine flat because of this hump.
      maybe now it’s clearer what I meant. Thats why I’m so focused at this video, because it looks just like my problem. So all I’m thinking is, there’s either something wrong with my technique or there’s something other that Kelly did to Matt
      Yes I started doing Jill Millers T-Spine mobilizations.
      Thank you so much for your input, I’ll look into these videos very strongly
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