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      As I try to better my standing and walking posture — particularly in terms of my tendency to collapse my arch — I’m struggling with what appears to be abnormal inward curvature (or something) of my ankles. As can be seen in the picture, the ankle takes a bit of a left turn on its way to the foot. The result when I stand, for example, is that the “center” of the foot (where it meets the ankle) ends up slightly inside of the knee. Both legs look this way, and I believe this is causing some of my arch collapsing (or maybe it’s the result of it).

      Really would appreciate any thoughts on this. I’m pretty much at a loss (not to mention somewhat worried). Thanks!

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      You need to take a systems approach. Look upstream and downstream of the ankle for where the problem may originate.
      Start with your foot where that is the foundation.
      The tissues here may need some work.
      A tight joint in your foot

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      And the tissue of your leg that wrap into the ankle and foot
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      Thanks — been trying to increase mobility all-around for the last year. Just trying to figure out if I’m up against some kind of deformity here, of if this curvature could be the result of tightness somewhere.

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      Start taking a crack at it.
      Have this be the focus of your mobility work for a couple weeks and see what happens.
      Improving the tissue of your foot and having a better organized foot you will see upstream improvements in position.

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