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      on the gut smash, i feel a decent pain that made me stop, and after the pain lingered for an hour or so. Is this normal and just a sign of how bad i need to do this?

      also, with things like the couch stretch and super couch that are inherently very painful, how do you know when your going to far? i have read some stuff on here about people hearing tearing and it just being adhesion, but how do you get to the point of fixing problems without going to far and tearing something?

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      Sounds like you may not have been in the right spot if you were feeling pain that lingered for an hour.
      Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong or that you are not in the intended spot.
      You should not have lingering pain after doing an mwod.
      Adhesions need to tear to clear up an area.
      You’ll start to know the difference between feelings of pain that is bad and feelings of tightness. You will know your body more and know what feelings are ok and which ones are not based on what is the area is normally like for you.

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