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      I have cut myself in my calf, deep.
      The doctor said that I had cut the fascia but prob not into the muscle so she sews the fascia then the fat and last the skin.
      As of now I can´t straightened the leg bur it´s only 2 days old so thats ok.
      Now for my question 
      When the pain of straightening my leg is gone is it ok to start stretching the calf right away or is it something els I should be doing first??
      Cuz I´m thinking when she sew my fascia she probably got some  muscle in the stitches aswell.
      Mikael (from Sweden)
      PS thanks for a great page!!! DS 
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      Were you given any instruction on what you can/can’t do?
      When you are able to start stretching is a question for the doctor.
      From my experience doctors are pretty careful when they are taking care of something.
      If you have a question on something definitely ask the doctor since that is the person that performed the procedure, knows exactly what was there, what they did etc.

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