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      AvatarDory Bacher


      I have a sedentary job as a programmer. 
      Until now: no sports, except for one week skiing, and on summer holiday a swim and some walking.

      That went always smootly.

      Except the latest years.

      Examples :
      1. Holiday Alpes, the first day a walk from about 5 miles, went good, but the net day i almost couldn’t walk anymore. Pain from foot to knees, and it lastes 4 days. Bye bye holiday.
      2. After a years not swimming, on a summer holiday finely swimming, fantastic, but the net day i almost couldn’t walk anymore.  Pain in the sciatic zone,
      lower back and groin, and it lastes 3 days. Bye bye holiday.
      3. I was afraid for skiing but dat went rather well.
      4. Then the professional issue, deskjob, both arms hurt a lot (from lower arm, ellbow up to the shoulder)
      5. Cycling gives me back pain.

      I have been visiting several medics, but they all work for their specialisation.
      For instance a surgeon want to operate immidiatly.  A physiotherapist warns not to go to a surgeon and promotes his thing. And so on …

      I fear for further restrictions in the future.
      Are there things I can do to prevent it, without more damage off course.
      Some people over 60 or 70 seem to be so fit, feels depressing for me.

      hoping for good news ….
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      Melanie LindseyMelanie Lindsey

      Well, if you go from sedentary to serious exercise, of course you’re going to hurt!! Once you heal, you need to make movement a daily priority. Don’t wait for your holiday, or you’re actually damaging yourself instead of helping yourself.

      I bet if you did some form of daily movement, a year from now you’d be singing a different story (after your next holiday).

      Yoga, stretching, calisthenics, and bodyweight exercises, for starters.

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