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      Throughout Kelly’s various books, he recommends barefoot style shoes and/or being barefoot. But I always see him in Reebok shoes that have a 4mm heel. Yes, I know 4mm is not large, especially compared to 1 inch heels in most sneakers, but throughout MOBWOD we break down the minutia and nuances of getting extra range of motion and being in correct position, where 4mm might make a difference.. So my question is, is 4mm considered bare foot enough, or is someone just sponsored by Reebok and we all have a price that will make us look the other way? I am no way asking this to create drama, more so, Ive noticed that there are a lot more stylish options of shoes with a 4mm drop then pure barefoot, and I’d rather wear those, but was also under the impression that a 0mm drop is best. #fashion 
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      Corrie OrtegaCorrie Ortega

      I think it’s all on the persons lifestyle and making better choices. If you have the option to be barefoot (home, in the car, etc) make that choice. Barefoot all the time can be taxing if you’re not just lounging around all day. Not to say it’s bad, but you gotta work up to it. I’ve seen Kelly in many different shoes. He even talks about vivobarefoot shoes (he wore them on his creative live interview I believe). Bottom line, make better choices. Thicker shoes will shorten your heel cord over time and dull your nerves at the bottom of your foot. Also, check out shoe cue inserts. I haven’t used them yet, but I believe they could be beneficial with improving foot mechanics.

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      Kelly thinks we should be flat.
      He lives in his lifters.
      He slams them all the time for not having a zero drop shoe.

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