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      AvatarRandy Campbell

      MWOD-Pro and now reading Supple Leopard.
      52 year old so-cal surfer with chronic and often acute low back pain. I’ve had MRI’s in 97 and 2015.  Surfing requires trunk extension, t-spine rotation during paddling and upon the “pop-up” to stance requires dynamic spine and hip flexion and hip rotation to get your front foot into position for the drop. Needless to say this coil and release for an efficient “pop-up” and drop down the wave face can really put a lot of pressure on the discs and facets. I train all year, stay conditioned for big surf. I stopped rolling before training or surfing. No-ice, I use my elliptical trainer as a warm up and some stretching (head to toe) I use most of what the book SL has to offer. My surf training is sport specific with an emphasis on hip, core, shoulder strength and flexibility.
      I have been re-injuring my back during the pop up and it keeps me out of the water for weeks so I have to start all over again. My PT said no surf until you can do burpees on dry land. Burpees hurt my back plain and simple.

      Here are the findings from my last MRI
      T12-T1: Disc, central canal, neural foramina and facet joints are normal
      L1-L2: Moderate loss of disc height and decreased disc signal signal intensity are present. A 2mm diffuse disc bulge and posterior annular fissure efface the thecal sac. No compromise of the central canal is present. Right neural foramen is normal. A 2mm left intraforaminal protrusion results in mild to moderate left neural foraminal stenosis. Facets normal.
      L2-L3: Moderate loss of disc height and decreased signal intensity are present. Diffuse disc bulge is associated with a 2mm right paracentral protrussion and annular fissure which contacts the right L3 nerve root in the lateral recess. Mild to moderate right and mild left neural foraminal stenosis is present. Facets are normal.
      L3-L4: Moderate loss of disc height is present. 2mm diffuse disc bulge effaces the thecal sac and results in mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. Central canal and facets are normal.
      L4-L5: Mild loss of disc height is present. 1mm disc bulge is eccentric towards the right and effaces the thecal sac. Central spinal canal is normal. Moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis is present. Facets are normal.
      L5-S1: Intervertebral disc is normal. 1mm focal right paracentral protussion and annular fissure do not compromise the S1 nerve root. Moderate to severe right and left neural foraminal stenosis is present. Mold bilateral degenerative facet arthropathy is present.
      On the post contrast sequence, no abnormal enhancement is present.
      The Ortho reviewed my MRI and said I have a arthritis and recommended PT and no surgery needed.
      Sitting is a bitch and impossible sometimes. Long drives, theater seating, camping are all very difficult.
      So I’ve been going to my Chiro of 20 years when things get bad.
      Right now my QL is on fire Help!

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      AvatarKyle Hollinger

      Was there a question here James that you needed help on?

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