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      AvatarManny Wilkins

      My 13 year old son is pretty active and a decent baseball player. He is about 5’6 133lbs and is one of the slowest players on his teams, he cannot currently get close to touching his ankles and has terrible mobility through his hips.

      He is very committed to getting faster, stronger, more powerful, and more mobile because he wants to become one of the best ball players in our area. He currently pitches, catches, plays 1B & 3B for his teams.

      I am not a physical trainer, but have studied Lee Taft’s work on speed and regularly read Eric Cressey. However, I am at a loss for how to help him begin to train properly relative to both his deficiencies and God given anatomy. More than anything I don’t want to hurt his joints by putting him in poor positions.

      Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      I’d start by having him take the quiz
      Go to the 5th question click then click the button for the quiz.
      There are a few questions at the end you’ll receive your Ready State Score.Based on your answers you’ll receive customized resources.
      There are gear free mobilizations he can start with if you are waiting on equipment to arrive.

      The Ready State Assessment can be a starting place.

      Could you hire a coach to write your son’s training?

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      AvatarManny Wilkins

      Thank you for the reply. He took the assessments and past with his upper body. He failed miserably in his lower body mobility. We have started to do some of the mobility exercises most every day and we are beginning to see some progress.

      Unfortunately no on the mobility coaches. We don’t know of any coaches in Augusta GA who would be equipped to prescribe a mobility program for my son. I am joining The Ready State remedy this. I just want to be careful because I am not a physical therapist and I don’t want to hurt him.

      Thank you again for your help.


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