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      AvatarJustin Methvin

        I can not sit in the bottom of a squat comfortably, with weight lifting shoes on its a lot better, or with my heels on some 10lb hi temp plates I can stay down there for a min or two at a time.  

        is it ok to use the plates, or shoes to start out with? Is there another way to progress?
        Thanks A lot!
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        AvatarMartin Repcek

          Elevating the heels kind of defeats the purpose. I think it would be better to just not go all the way down. The goal isn’t to get your butt down, it’s to improve ankle and hip mobility so you can get your butt down. Hold on to something or, like I’ve been doing it lately, squat with your back against the wall. When I start out I can’t even get close to getting into the squat position. After a minute or so I can finally get into the low squat position and after a couple more minutes I can start pushing the knees out. You can also try with your feet farther apart and progress by bringing them closer together .The main thing to remember is to not let the knees track to the inside of the big toes.

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            You should not use lifting shoes for this.
            You can hold a bar as Carl is here
            Episode 320: Epic Pistol 10 Min Squat Test

            or use a band as JStar does here
            Episode 120: Ten Minute Squat Test #4
            Start working with hip mobility first.

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            AvatarJustin Methvin

              Thank you kaitlin, Thats what I needed to know!!  

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                Great Kurt glad to help.
                I only use Oly shoes when Oly lifting.
                Using plates or Oly shoes creates slack in the system which makes it easier to achieve the desired position.
                The compensations will catch up with you if the root of the issue is not addressed.
                It sounds like you are willing to do the work to correct your positioning so start with the hip as this will make the biggest changes in the beginning.

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