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      AvatarMichael Schwerin

      am i right in thinking kellys really good ankle mobility is a result of him sitting in a squat so much, is that the missing link in addition to all the mobilisations 

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      I am curious about this question too as my ankle ROM is terrible, and I can’t keep my heels from coming off the floor when I squat. I have done some research into people who have squatted in a “paleo chair” for 10-30 minutes a day for 30 days or more, and it seems that their hip ROM and ankle ROM increases as well, but I would love to hear what everyone else has heard or seen as well. Thanks for asking this question.


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      Maja GrayMaja Gray

      Chad Vaughn (@olychad on Instagram – really useful stuff) has mentioned how all your flexibility will improve as you spend more time in ideal positions, so it makes sense to me that the 10 min squat test would help. 

      My ankle ROM is pretty horrible as well, but I’ve made solid gains in my dorsiflexion over the last month by hitting a few key mobs:
      1. Banded distraction in both directions.
      2. Heel smashing with a kettle bell (or the end of a heavy dumbbell).
      3. Foot smashing with lacrosse ball. 
      4. Calf smashing, varied between a barbell and a wider PVC tube, with and without a 30 lb slam ball for added pressure. 
      5. Shin smashing on a peanut (double lacrosse ball), wide PVC tube. 
      I don’t hit all of these every day, but I DO try to do something south of the knee every day to try to open the ankles. It’s painful stuff, but I’m seeing gains so I’m going to stick with it. Hope that’s helpful.
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