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AvatarDeven Williams

Thanks again [both of you] for the input.

My wife has smashed for me.
I’m in VT and while I’m sure there are some quality people here I haven’t run across them. I have found PT’s that say:
Crossfit is bad for you.
Squatting anything other than body weight is bad for you.
Squatting with “knees out” isn’t correct.
Don’t slower your hips down/back, push your knees forward to squat.
Little confidence in anyone I’ve found so far……
r.e. pelvis
Undoubtedly an issue is that my pelvis/lumbar spine have almost no independent movement between the two.
I’m super quad-centric coming off 5 years racing/training bicycles and working to get my gluteus/hams to fire better and get my VMO to sequence properly.
Kinda a train wreck [and I won’t even get into my over injured shoulders!] and waiting to hear back from SFCF and a Skype date with Roop.
If all else fails I’ll fly to SF if I can get an appointment with KS. Macaroni and cheese for a month is paleo right?