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AvatarNathan Richer

re: Baldr – Look on BASL page 46-47 for Braced Extension/flexion and Global Flexion/extension.

the problem with yoga for me is like that of other things we learn – it all depends on the teachers. it happens in yoga, and it also happens in CF, it happens in any subject or discipline.  there is a good way to teach and experience yoga and most of the teachers out there don’t do that.  you go to class, they show you some move and then usually just expects the class to do it. very little correctives or watching of posture or proper techinque. but that’s not everyone – there are really good yoga teachers out there.
one of the issues with doing a lot of yoga is becoming hypermobile.  you have a ton of mobility but no stability at all. so that’s probably not a good result from yoga, although getting more mobile versus being tight is a good thing.